Dear O2 broadband

This is very boring, I wouldn’t bother reading it unless you’re from O2 or if you’re particularly interested in my broadband situation for some weird reason. I just need an amount of space that’s bigger than 140 characters to point the (I’m sure lovely) @O2 team to. So:

My issue has been going on for over a month. In that time I’ve been told that the issue has been resolved three times and had to explain the problem from fresh on countless occasions. I’m having to chase a problem over and over again and been made to prove that yes, I do in fact know what I’m talking about and no, it’s not a problem on my end and yes the problem is still there. At the minute I don’t have much spare time, so I don’t appreciate my ISP – what should be a transparent service – eating into it.

The problem is packet loss. It means that when talking to some websites, around half of the data I send or receive is corrupted and needs to be sent or received again. It makes gaming unstable, websites slow, and streaming video a nightmare. You know, all the stuff I like to do. And it’s been affecting my work, which is the worst. Connecting to iRacing for that RPS article was a pain, connecting to the steam workshop to write some stuff about Skyrim mods for GD has been a nightmare.

A week ago the issue was passed to “line 2 support” who did a line test, decided there wasn’t a problem and closed the issue. I got a text message to tell me this. I had to call to get the case re-opened and then go through diagnostics again. On Thursday the case got passed up the chain again – I was told I’d be contacted soon. It’s now Monday afternoon, I’ve heard nothing, my broadband is no better, I have no idea if O2 are even dealing with it.

Now, I like O2. I really do, but this is getting close to ridiculous. My line has been crappy for a month. My second job is as a games journalist, I pay for premium broadband, I alerted them that there was a problem a month ago. At what point do I up sticks and leave? I’ll tell you, it’s Friday. At that point unless this is fixed or something incredibly significant has happened their end, I’m moving to BT and my phone contract isn’t going to be far behind, and when people ask what ISP to use (which with my first job being in IT they do a lot), I know which company I’m no longer going to be suggesting.

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