Your payment is in another castle

A month ago, we called out a plumber based on his advert for “free estimates”. You know where this is going. He came round, gave us an estimate that was higher than someone else, so we never used him. Later, an invoice for the estimate. Then another invoice with a threat of taking us to court. We phone him and explain that we asked him to come because he advertised free quotes. “You verbally agreed to pay”. No, we didn’t.

The amount is small – £55 – but he obviously wants us to just get scared and back down before he takes us to court for it (if he actually does). We have a copy of his advert, he has nothing. However, do I have anything to worry about here? Is there any chance I could be forced to pay him along with a hefty court cost or something? Could I invoice him for £300 for the tea he drank, claiming that he verbally agreed to pay £150 per cup to highlight how ridiculous he sounds?

If anyone has advice then I’d love to hear it.

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