Breaking into racing sims

All I seem to talk about lately is videogames and cars, and it’s incredibly fortunate for me that those 2 interests merge so well. I’ve got into racing games lots over the last 9 months or so and I’ve finally been allowed to write about the path I’ve taken – it’s a 2 part thing on Rock, Paper, Shotgun that will hopefully guide people from throwing a car around a track to actually playing racing sims.



As a side note, what’s been really nice about writing this, too, is that it’s been paid work that’s been just like writing for GamingDaily. With RPS there isn’t a house style or a format to stick to or anything like that – I’m allowed to write completely in my own voice (which is incredibly informal and conversational, punctuated with emotional lists) and to mess around with images and put in little stupid jokes and that sort of stuff. It’s pretty great. (Bit-Tech were also pretty liberal too of course, but just slightly more formal and using “we” instead of “I” which changes a tone more than you’d think).

Anyway, hopefully this will help bolster me as a viable “racing game correspondent” for places that need one, which is a job I would like please.

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