Game Logic vs Choice & Consequence

Without getting overly self indulgent on this, I did a thing that I’m quite (very) proud of. I’ve written something for Rock Paper Shotgun, which is a good thing for a lot of reasons. It’s on an idea that I was putting together at Eurogamer, which all spiralled out of a conversation I had with Paul Millen about Deus Ex – a conversation which turned into the opening paragraph. Here’s the crux of the argument:

There is a clear disparity between what a player does or wants to do and what game environments or characters know how to handle. The above examples are extreme cases, of course, but it happens all the time – how often have you set off an explosion, killed a man, or even half flattened a city with barely any repercussion or consequence? How many times have you been forced to game a conversation tree to fit closest to what your character wants to happen; or been pushed down one path even though another makes much more sense?

But what are these mysterious “above examples”? What else do I have to offer in the 2200 words?


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